The holiday home “Seemanns Ruh“ is situated 470 meters above sea level, near the “Hieronymusstein“, which is one of the highest populated hilltops in the sanatorium Jonsdorf.
A 3500 square meters wide, natural finished meadow orchard in south hillside situation is placed to your feet, bordered by the beautiful mixed forest and amazing rock formations.

Holiday home Seemanns Ruh

Zittauer Gebirge

From this point you can follow plenty of trails and bicycle tours in order to relax the active way or you can just rest on the terrace or in the garden.

Hiking trips, leisure activities and a lot of interesting things to do you can find at and

You can enjoy the view on the wide landscape of the “Zittauer Gebirge” (“Zittau´s mountains”) and on the small train, which goes on the opposed Jonsberg. To the shopping street, the supermarkets and the leisure facilities in the city you only have to walk a few minutes.

Holiday home Seemanns Ruh

In the house we offer two apartments. Both non-smoking domiciles are affectionately arranged and especially adequate for allergic guests.

Central heating and hot water supply are responsible for the modern comfort.
The apartment “Jonsberg”, which is situated in the highest level of the house provides space for six people. The apartment ”Bimmelbahn”, which is situated in the lower level provides space for four people.

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